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I used Screencast-O-Matic to record a video from my screen, but unfortunately it leaves a watermark on it. Can anyone give me some possible ways on how to remove watermark from it without affecting the consistency of the video? Please and thank you.


Hacks to remove watermark from video

As we all know, your recorded videos will be attached with watermark if you use the free version of Screencast-O-Matic . You can upgrade from the free version to the pro version to get rid of this. But why get a pro version if you will just use it for making your personal videos to family and friends? In this case the best remedy to delete watermark from video is by utilizing an alternative program since the recorder itself, is the one that is responsible for leaving a watermark. Here are two suggestions for your reference.


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

It is always advisable to use a reliable recorder such as Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder to get rid of and remove video watermark permanently. By using this program you can record anything that you want without worrying about any watermarks upon saving. Plus it has an unlimited recording time as well as a built in editing tools. More than that, it has the ability to record both the screen and webcam as well. You can preset the output format and video codec. When you finish recording, video will be saved in high quality. With a couple of steps, you will create your fancy video without watermarks easily.

remove watermark

  • The very first step is going to its website and press the “Start Recording”. If this is your first time visit, you will need to download and install a simple launcher instead of Java applet. After installation, go back to webpage and then hit “Start Recording” button again.
  • Then you will see the user interface popping out. Open the options list and configure the settings like output formats, mouse animations. Check “Audio Input” options and select one such as system sound.
  • Next, choose to record a special area or full screen and you can also add web camera into the screen during the recording process. Once done, click “REC” to start.
  • During recording, you are able to beautify your videos by making real time editing. And when you want to end recording, click pause button to continue or start over.
  • When video is created, you can thus play it to check the effect. After that you can choose to save it as the video file or upload it directly to YouTube, ShowMore and other websites.

video no watermark

For users who want to employ it for offline use, you can also download a desktop program of this free online screen recorder, that is Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. With this tool, you can make your own video at any time you like. Besides all the functions of the free version, users are allowed to take screenshot as well as create a recording task. With this tool, you can not only capture your fancy picture, but also you can record a video even during your absence.



Delogo filter for Virtualdub

If you are in deep need of removing a watermark, logos, and the like, you can make use of a professional watermark remover which is called the Delogo filter for Virtualdub. This is a powerful filter that functions well together with Virtualdub. Using this method you can simply remove watermark from video with few steps.

First of all, you must have a Virtualdub running on your system. Once they are ready, you can now open the video with a watermark that you want to erase. Now open the Delogo filter, you can do this by hitting the “Video” – “Filter” – “Add” and look for Delogo filter and show preview. Using the preview scrub locate the portion where you want to remove watermark in video and click “Save Frame” under “Analyse” and save it as a bitmap file. After that, open the save image with a photo editor that you have and use a red paint to cover the logo that you want to vanish and save it using the same file name. The next step is to go back to Delogo tool, under “Repair” click “Load” button and locate image that you created and hit the save button and the unwanted watermark is absolutely gone.




Another efficient program to remove video watermark is ApowerEdit. This program is designed with a simple interface that enables users to grasp basic operation within several glances. Upon the panel of this video editor, there’re multiple editing options available, such as trimming, cropping, filter, text, transition and so on. Therefore, you may consider crop video or add mosaic on the watermark. Follow the steps below to do this job.

  • Click the button below to download ApowerEdit and then install it.


  • Launch the program and add target video file.
  • Right click the media file and then choose “Add to Project”.
  • Click “Crop” option and then adjust the frame on pop-up dialogue. (It’s recommended to click “Keep aspect ratio” option).
  • (Alternative) Click Mosaic option to choose a preferred mosaic to cover the original watermark.
  • Click “Export” > “Export video” to generate the video.



Watermarks are often utilized by companies as their trademark to protect the product that they sell. Most of the time, it is also a marketing strategy for them to get more customers to buy their product or program. Buying an expensive PRO tool is not always what it takes to get rid of any logos and watermarks in any video. As discussed above, there are now proven ways on how to remove this unwanted thing in your video without spending a single buck. From what mentioned above, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder can be a better choice for its less limitation as well as easier operation. Just take a try and you will know!

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    If you use the macbook with iMovie,there is a convenient function in it to help you remove watermark.
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    Hi there I need a program to remove water mark from video, do you have one? Tnx
    • Hi, you can just use what we recommend in our articles.
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