Refund FAQ

  1. What is your refund policy?
  2. Can I cancel an order?
  3. How long will it take to cancel an order?
  4. Why I still cannot receive the refund after several days?

Refund Policy

We value our customers and we strive to provide the best product experience and service to you.

Our products all have trial versions for people to fully utilize all functions before determining to purchase. We recommend our users get a free trial from our official website to see if it’s satisfactory to you. There’s actually no functional difference between trial version and a paid one except the watermark, time limit, etc.

Once an order is placed, our software system delivers the registration code to your email address automatically. You’re then able to continue the usage of product without limits. However, if you’re unsatisfied with the product, note that the keycode cannot be returned or cancelled. Still, you can apply for a full refund with our approval, but it’s recommended to solve your problem with the assistance of our support team before the refund:

Mind that Apowersoft provides 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee. Refunds will be approved with proper reasons as described below within 30 days after purchase only. We may not be able to issue a refund for the purchase of over 30 days.

  • Hardware incompatible issues that cause our software incapable of working on your computer and cannot be fixed by our tech support.
  • Any other crucial tech issues reported within 30 days after purchase and cannot be solved.
  • Purchased wrong product which should be changed to another one in our product list.
  • Issues of being double charged due to the problem of third-party ecommerce platform.
  • Product failed to fulfill the requirements as described on our webpages, sales materials or ads.
  • Customers failed to receive or retrieve the registration code with the assistance of our tech support.

We reserve the right to decline refund requests in the following cases:

  • The change of decision in buying a product but without any particular reasons in cancelling the order.
  • Products failed to meet the requirements of customers which have never been stated on our product pages, specification or other official materials. Again, we highly recommend every customer to read the product description and try the free trial version before buying the product.
  • Issues about credit card fraud or unauthorized payment. Apowersoft does not proceed your payment directly but with the assistance of famous e-commerce provider Avangate. In this case, authorization during payment is out of our control. As long as an order is processed and fulfilled, it can’t be changed. Nevertheless, Apowersoft can help you get in touch with Avangate for further assistance.
  • Products purchased from third-party resellers or affiliates could not be refunded by us. Please contact the reseller for issuing the refund. However, we can still help you in contacting the right reseller.
  • Bought the wrong product but quickly purchased another one from different company without asking for supports.
  • Issues in using our products without contacting our tech support or providing specific description about the errors.

  • The request of refunding one item involved in a software bundle.
  • Failed to receive keycode but without using our “Registration Code Retrieval” wizard.

To request a refund, please enter your Avangate account and go through the procedures as instructed. Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be disabled. In this case, please:

Completely uninstall and remove the software from your computer.

Can I cancel an order?

As long as you’re qualified to have a full refund as described in above terms, you can cancel your order.

How long will it take to cancel an order?

Apowersoft proceeds refunds within 3-7 business days, while the exact length depends on the payment method used by you. It may take longer than expected to receive the refund in holiday, but it will not be longer than 20 days. If you have not got the refund 20 days after our approval, please contact us to check the refund status.

Why I still cannot receive the refund after several days?

If we have issued a refund for you but it has not been received, it could be due to the reasons as follows:

a. Holiday or weekends reasons

Due to the festivals, holidays, bank affairs and other reasons, the refund process will be longer than 20 days.

b. A chargeback has been requested

Once a chargeback has been requested, the funds will be frozen by the card issuer, bank, Paypal or other payment authorities unless the verdict of the chargeback request has been determined. Please contact your credit card company or bank to learn more about their policy regarding the chargeback procedures.

If you have further questions or any other confusions, please contact our support team and we will be glad to offer the help.

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  • I need download, convert and edit software do you have this package with promotion on this time and how much? I saw you have VIP package I like it but it's much over what I need. Thanks
    • Hi, sorry, we don't have that package right now. If you like, you can buy this Apowersoft Unlimited product: It contains all the Apowersoft products. Thank you!
  • Please notify me when my refund has been issued. Thank You.
    • Hi, Daniel! You can directly contact us by sending an email to for quick help.
  • I have tied to install and run the software but I keep getting the info that my VIP trial license has expired.Please advise!Thank you,
    • Hi, please contact us through email: We will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you!
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